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Our solution allows financial technology companies to launch cutting edge products through product partnerships with multiple banking institutions.

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Challenges of bank-fintech cooperation

Problem. Product related partnerships offer banking institutions a balanced risk-reward approach in tackling 

competitive and regulatory pressures. Increasingly they adopt a new Bank-as-a-Service (BaaS) model as a technical and regulatory interface towards fintech product partners.

However, as a result of legacy core systems, high regulatory costs and the introduction of additional risks, BaaS model falls short of expected performance leaving fintechs with a higher cost basis and operational bottlenecks.

High concentration risk 

High development cost

Slow time-to-market 


    Diversified risk

    Significantly lower cost

   Faster time-to-market

Solution. Our technology enables banking institutions to act as effective BaaS platforms by making it possible to simultaneously engage with multiple fintech partners, 

comply with partner supervision requirements and 

management of associated risks.

It solves fundamental technological and economic issues of the BaaS business model by providing the necessary tools to effectively manage end-to-end partnership lifecycles.


What is MGateway BaaS technology?

BaaS Manager

Covers critical functions for managing the end-to-end partnership life-cycle. 

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BaaS Product Platform

Provides necessary technical infrastructure for the end-to-end

product development life-cycle.

Partner on-boarding

Automated partner KYC and outsourcing analysis

Partner risk management

Monitoring and analysis of business and material risks

Partner supervision

Automated generation of reports and audit information

System controls

Issuance of instructions, limits, and initiation of processes

Standardized product setups

Using standardized API products across multiple partners

External TPP integrated solutions

Integration of TPP solutions for a 360° product coverage

Enhanced security 

Implementation of ISO 27001 standard, use of VPN and 

VPC, distributed IT architecture.

RESTful API microservices

Provision of continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD)


Example BaaS Products


Core banking

Enabling product partners to provide end customers, with the completely digital end-to-end identification and verification process within 7 minutes.

Example request

Initiate onboarding 

var https = require('follow-redirects').https;

var fs = require('fs');


var postData = JSON.stringify(








Use cases


Launching new products

 Enter into product partnerships with innovative FinTech companies to extend your core banking services   



Optimize your balance sheet assets structure, liquidity or P/L position through business diversification

Scaling across 

multiple partners

Onboard multiple partners per product line without increasing marginal costs, additional development or risk exposure




Rapidly launch your product with MGateway's integrated  banking partners 

Obtaining a license umbrella

Acquire a license umbrella and manage compliance requirements through MGateway


banking partners

Partner with additional banking institutions to minimize dependency or to acquire new customers


Getting started with MGateway

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