Launching new products

Enter into product

  partnerships with innovative FinTech TPPs to extend core banking services


Return on investment

Reduce costs of infrastructure, onboarding and managing FinTech TPPs and increase revenue streams 

Financial optimization

Optimize your balance sheet assets structure, liquidity or P/L position through business diversification

Scaling across multiple partners

Onboard multiple partners per product line without increasing marginal costs, additional development or risk exposure

Additional benefits

Fast integration

No additional API infrastructure  required

Beyond PSD2 or Open Banking 

Complete Bank-as-a-Service solution 

Enhanced security

Compliance with necessary security standards

Our solution for banking institutions

BaaS Manager

Partnership management

Key features:

  • Performance overview and reporting

  • Test phase management

  • Supervision 

Example BaaS Products


Core banking

Enabling product partners to provide end customers, with the completely digital end-to-end identification and verification process within 7 minutes.

Example request

Initiate onboarding 

var https = require('follow-redirects').https;

var fs = require('fs');


var postData = JSON.stringify(







Getting started with MGateway

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Our product partners

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